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We have a range of support options available if your client is worried about paying their bill or needs any additional support. Our team will work with you to deliver tailored support to the customer's circumstance.


WaterCare+ is a scheme to help customers struggling to pay their bill by:

  1. Checking they're getting all the benefits they're entitled to
  2. Making sure they're on the right tariff for the lowest possible water bill
  3. Carrying out a home water and energy audit and suggesting simple ways to reduce their water and energy use
  4. Installing simple water-saving devices


We also offer home visits from one of our WaterCare advisors who can talk through the support we provide and can help with completing application forms.


Eligibility Criteria 

All customers are eligible for the WaterCare+ scheme. To sign your client up, please submit the application for support here.

The WaterCare Tariff

The WaterCare Tariff supports customers who are in water poverty and spending more than 5% of their equivalised household income on their water bill.

Customers recieve a discount on their water and sewerage charges to bring them below the 5%. This could be any of the 5 bandings of 15%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 85%.


Eligibility Criteria 

The household must be on a meter or assessed charges, the 'equalized' weekly income (after housing costs) must be less than £295.

To apply, submit our application for support here.


The WaterSure Tariff

The government initiated WaterSure Tariff supports low income customers with high water usage due to either a family of 3 or more children (under 19) or medical condition. 

The tariff caps the customer's yearly water or sewerage bill regardless of the water they use. If their normal metered or assesed charge bill is cheaper for the year, then they will pay the lower amount. 


Eligibility Criteria 

The household must be on a meter or assessed charge and someone in the household must be receiving the means tested benefits or tax credits listed:

  • Income Support
  • Income–based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Income–based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit (other than just the family element)
  • Pension Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit

To apply, submit the application for support here.



The FreshStart scheme supports customers who are new to debt (within 2 years) or dealing with an extraordinary life event and would benefit from immediate clearance of their water debt or short-term help with bills. 

The scheme will give customers the time and financial assistance to help them adjust to their new circumstances - for example, if they're left with debt following the death of a partner, unemployment, relationship breakdown or illness. 


Eligibility Criteria 

The scheme is open for all customers, as each case is assessed individually. Customers do not need to be on benefits or a tenant; however, customers must be able to afford their ongoing water bill. A Freshstart grant can only be applied once.


To apply, submit the application for support here. Please fill out the section that asks for information regarding your circumstances. 


ReStart is a match payment scheme to support customers who can afford their ongoing weekly water bill but would struggle to pay off a water debt older than 12 months.

The amount the customer pays will be the ongoing water bill, which is why it’s important to first see if they are eligible for our support tariffs and they are keeping water usage to an affordable amount where possible. All payment slips will be sent weekly and can be set up as a standing order, paid at a local shop, or over the phone. If payments are late or missed the scheme will be cancelled.


The table below outlines the scheme:

First 13 weeks Second 13 weeks Third 13 weeks Final phase which will remain until the debt is cleared

For every £1 the customer pays to their current usage bill, we pay £1 to customers arrears 

For every £1 the customer pays to their current usage bill, we pay £1.50 to customers arrears 

For every £1 the customer pays to their current usage bill, we pay £2 to customers arrears 

For every £1 the customer pays to their current usage bill, we pay £2.50 to customers arrears 



Eligibility Criteria

The customer must be a tenant with over 12 months of water debt, haven't been removed from the ReStart scheme in the last 12 months, or had more than 3 previous attempts. 


To apply, submit the application for support here.

Priority Services

Our priority services register is a free support service available for anyone living within our region that could benefit from a bit of extra help. This could be due to a physical or learning disability, illness, age, communication requirement, young children, or if they’re going through a difficult time in their lives.

Our support measures include:

  • Water deliveries if their supply is interrupted 
  • Communication in different formats 
  • Keeping safe - password scheme 
  • Meter readings 

To apply, submit the online form here.

Flexible Payment Plans

Customers have an option of a range of flexible payment plans that can help spread the cost of their water bill. These plans can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and can be paid through the customer's preferred method.


To apply, contact our billing team here.

The customer will need to be present to give their authority to discuss the account.

Benefit Entitlement Checks

You can check if your customer is entitled to benefits and other support through our online calculator here. You will see an option to send the case to one of our WaterCare advisors that can walk through the assessment with your customer. 

You can also see how changes in the household budget can affect income and create a detailed budgeting plan. 

Water Meters and Efficiency Kits

If a property doesn't currently have an assessed charge or a water meter, we can fit a meter free of charge. The customer would have 2 years to decide if they are saving money with a meter, if needed we can switch the meter off and they can go back to unmeasured charges. When a meter can't be fitted, we will apply an assessed charge to the bill which is equivalent to the average meter payments. There are three different assessed charges: 1 person, 2 people or multiple occupancy households. These are based on the amount of people living in the property.


To apply for a Water Meter, contact our billing team here. The customer will need to be present to give their authority to discuss the account.


We also offer a range of free water efficiency products for customers. Please order here.

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